Brown Estate Tasting Room, located in downtown Napa, is a branch of the black-owned vineyard and winery of the same name.

The vineyard itself was established in 1980 with a wine-making component following in 1996. It is a brand that has been growing steadily in popularity in recent years through word of mouth and social media.

The Vineyard Is Closed

Unfortunately, the Brown Estate Vineyard is not currently open to the public. California wildfires and the pandemic are apparently the main culprits.

While the vineyard itself is undamaged, the owners made the decision to close down as a precautionary measure. However, the tasting room is a superb alternative — particularly on a rainy/chilly afternoon.

Wines Tasted

2018 Tempranillo
2018 Primitivo
2018 Mickey’s Block Zinfandel
2019 Chaos Theory
2019 Petite Sirah

The Guest Experience Manager walked us through each wine from the grouping we selected (Reds, of course). She was super knowledgeable about the history of the winery and each wine she presented.

Admittedly, I was buzzed. Our earlier visit to Black Stallion Estate Winery shortened my attention span dramatically.

I do recall that the Petite Sirah was my personal favorite, but we ended up purchasing everything we tasted. My partner even enrolled in their wine club.

The Brown Estate Tasting Room is an excellent addition to any Napa Valley itinerary with its gorgeous well-designed loft space and wine selection. During normal times this would have been a cool place to drop by and relax for an extended period.

Make sure you reserve a time well ahead of any planned Napa visit as the tasting room is consistently booked.

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