Well, hello there.

Not sure how you came to find yourself in my little corner of Al Gore’s internet, but I’m glad you’re here.

Anyway, my name is Justin (I hope that’s obvious 🙂 ). I’m a forty-something New York City dweller who loves living the good life — travel, good eating, wine, bourbon, creature comforts, new tech, and every streaming service known to man make me a happy camper.

I’m a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I work mostly within the non-profit arts administration world by day (currently: Media). I have degrees from an HBCU and one of the Ivies.

As you can probably tell from this site, my interests surround fine living — be it food, travel, culture, and sometimes all of those intersecting. Things like boozy, al fresco brunches on Lake Como, people-watching from a café in Monte Carlo, presidential hotel suites, SAMSUNG 8K tvs, mega-yachts and first-class everything are some of my interests.

I’m a pretty hardcore introvert and very much at home doing most things solo including travel — that said, I’ve somehow found myself with a vivacious wife who I travel with frequently, and a lively Yorkie/Bishon that also serves as my alarm clock, both of whom I love.

For a peek into my nerd side, hit up my other blog at Gaming Noir.

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