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Not only are we still dealing with a global pandemic after some years, but the airlines are currently still in disarray over the lack of crew stemming from the great resignation, so it looks like extensive international travel is on hold for a bit.

However, thngs won’t always be this chaotic, and gradually things will start to feel normal-ish (hopefully).

I’m still going to wear N-95 masks during flights for the foreseeable future, but when the madness that is air travel calms down a bit, I have 8 luxury destinations I’ve been thinking about visiting

Beirut, Lebanon

One of several souks

I’ve been talking about visiting Beirut for the past five years. It was once considered the “Paris of the East”, and from all of my research, there are still elements of that which ring true. 5-star accommodations, food, views, and culture are what I’m seeking, and from what I can tell, the region will deliver. The massive explosion during the height of the pandemic set the city back a bit, so I’d be glad to contribute to its economic recovery in some small part.

The U.S. Embassy site for Beirut currently (as of August 2022) puts the city at a level 3 or “reconsider travel”, so this one might take a while to get to, but I’m ready to visit.

Amalfi Coast

Positano, Amalfi Coast | photo credit: dimitry_b

“Wow!” is usually the exclamation of anyone who has seen images of the Amalfi Coast region. It’s clearly a photographers dream as it seems anywhere you point the lens will net you gorgeous results. There is a longing I have whenever I see images on Instagram, particularly when the views are paired with delicious food.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como | @nik_nikolla_

When it comes to Lake Como, it’s all about elegance. Here’s another gorgeous Italian locale with incredible views and top-class luxury accommodations. The picturesque lush greenery, architecture, water and varied elevation makes this another place I’m ready to visit as soon as possible. I look forward to dining at both Kitchen and I Tigli in Theoria.

Sardinia, Italy

Rounding out the Italian trio is Sardinia. The island is actually west of mainland Italy. Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) is my desired destination for a first visit, but there are a few other spots on the island with with sights, culture, leisure, and fine dining I’d like to get to.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

The French Riviera is a well-know luxury destination, and Monte Carlo as a principality of Monaco is the epicenter of extravagance with the historic Place du Casino, which regularly attracts wealth from all over the world.

Marbella, Spain

Wine tours, lively nightlife, and luxury hotels await the traveler who is interested in leaving the bustling Barcelona and historic Madrid streets for this gorgeous city in the south of Spain. Gibraltar, another historic spot, is a little more than an hour away driving if you have the time.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

A celebrity winter playground, St. Moritz is a 2-time host to the Winter Olympics. It also boasts a number of 5-star hotels and Michelin Starred restaurants including Ecco St. Moritz in the Hotel Giardino MountainIGNIV at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, and Da Vittorio in the Carlton Hotel. While I’m not necessarily a skier, I am more than comfortable cozying up by a fireplace and enjoying a glass (or 3) of bourbon or spiked hot chocolate.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Most people talk about the Maldives when they really want to get away like this. I’m thinking of something similar, but with no less cachet. My hotel of choice would be the Four Seasons Bora Bora, of course, but I’m not opposed to the St. Regis. The crystal clear waters are the perfect backdrop to the sleepy bungalow life.

What are your 8 luxury destinations?

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