Travel blogging is a popular way to share experiences and inspire others to explore new destinations. However, it takes more than just a camera and a passion for travel to create a successful travel blog. Here are 10 essential items that every travel blogger should have in their toolkit.


This is a no-brainer since a laptop (or tablet with keyboard attachment) is essential for creating and publishing content on the go. Look for a lightweight, durable model that can withstand the wear and tear of travel. I’d go with something with a 15-inch screen or under to use comfortably on an airplane tray and a coffee shop.


A good camera is essential for capturing high-quality photos and videos as a travel blogger. If you’re just starting out, a great phone camera works well and will take you far. When you’re a bit more well-seasoned, invest in a camera that fits your needs and budget, whether it be a compact point-and-shoot or a professional-grade DSLR.

Portable Hard Drive

This is more of an extra rather than a must due to how cumbersome it can be. Keep your digital files safe by backing up your photos and videos on a portable hard drive. This will give you peace of mind knowing your content is secure and accessible when needed.

External Battery

An external battery is a lifesaver for when you’re on the road and need to charge your devices. Make sure it has enough capacity to keep all of your devices charged throughout the day. It might be a good idea to bring more than one spare battery along.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Having access to the internet is crucial for staying connected and sharing content with your followers as a travel blogger. Invest in a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to ensure you have internet access no matter where your travels take you.


Another good-to-have, but not a must depending on how light you want to travel. If you have the capacity, a tripod is essential for taking stable shots, especially when taking photos and videos in low light conditions. Look for a compact and lightweight model that is easy to transport.

Action Camera

An action camera can be used to capture unique travel blogging perspectives and perspectives, such as action shots and underwater footage. One of my greatest travel content mistakes was to not have one of these while snorkeling in Trinidad and Tobago to catch some gorgeous under-sea shots.


A drone can be a valuable tool for capturing aerial footage and creating stunning travel vlogs. Make sure to research the regulations in the countries you’ll be visiting and follow all guidelines for flying drones. Your fellow travelers might not be too happy with this either as drones can be quite loud.


A small, portable light can be used to improve lighting for photos and videos. This is especially helpful for early morning or late night shots. If you photograph food, a light is very helpful in low-light situations since a flash is typically terrible for food shots.

Travel Adapter

Don’t forget to bring a travel adapter for charging your devices in different countries. Make sure to research the voltage and plug types for the countries you’ll be visiting to ensure compatibility. This isn’t always an issue with universal USB/USB-C standards, but sometimes an adapter is helpful. On a recent trip to Chile and Argentina, our adapters were clutch for a hotel that was not retrofitted with USB outlets.

By having these essential travel blogger items in your toolkit, even as a new travel blogger you’ll be prepared to capture and share your travels with your audience. Happy travels!”

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