Make no mistake: Jean-Georges is not just a fine restaurant, it’s a luxury experience and a clinic in customer service.

Admittedly, I ate there a few months ago, but it was one of the finest restaurant outings I’ve had during my time in NYC, so I thought it was worth doing a retroactive post even if some of the finer details have been forgotten.


When it comes to luxury restaurant standard bearers in New York City, Jean-Georges is hard to beat. The ambiance is perfect for an intimate dinner, and I love the fact that the dining room is separate from the Nougatine bar and the doors are kept closed. It keeps things relatively quiet when it could actually be quite loud. The view of Columbus Circle really sets the mood, and serves as a visual reminder of why I continue to live in this town.


Prix Fixe is the name of the game here, and everything presented was delicious. The egg caviar, lemon gelée, seared shrimp, crab dumplings, aged sirloin, and various deserts really teased the pallet. All were presented expediently by a very attentive serving staff who also never missed an empty dish, and always kept water and wine flowing. If finances permitted, I would eat there more often, but I digress. You absolutely get what you pay for and more.


As expected, the wine list for Jean Georges is VAST. There were quite a few bottles that caught my eye, but were well above my price-range. I finally opted for a bottle of the Silwervis Chenin Blanc (vintage 2012). It had very strong notes of peach and pear, and was delicious paired with the seafood and red meat dishes given during the 3 courses.

I highly recommend Jean-Georges. It will break the bank a bit, but it’s well worth it for just the experience.

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