In downtown Napa Valley among the handsome boutique shops and various wine tasting rooms resides the Compline Restaurant and Wine Bar.

During a marathon day trip to Napa Valley, between visits to Black Stallion Estate Winery (link) and Brown Estate tasting room (link) we stopped at Compline for lunch. The restaurant was recommended by my partner’s colleague who is local-ish, so of course we gave it a try. This being wine country the restaurant also has an extensive wine store on site packed with local and not-so-local wines.


Compline Burger (Five Dot Ranch Beef, Schoch Family Cheese, Balsamic Onion, Model Bakery Bun 18)
Duck Fat Fries (Aioli)
Pinot Noir, Vivier Sonoma Coast, CA 2019

Do a Few Things but Do Them Well

Frankly, good burgers are a dime a dozen, but every now and then you will find a restaurant that takes a little more time to perfect the flavor profile. Chef Jammir Gray constructs the right combination of bread, beef, with sautéed onions and pickles.

My only caveat here: the fries are a separate item from the burger, which is highly unusual. Even after some time thinking about it, I still find it unsettling. That said, the fries are delicious, and you MUST have them with the aioli.

Duck fat — Makes all the differenceSantino D’Antonio | John Wick 2


Compline is a great place to grab a bite during a long day in Napa Valley. The burger and duck-fat fries hit the spot before continuing the wine-tasting journey. I’ll likely go again the next time I need a bite between wineries.

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