ROKC Harlem/Washington Heights New York City

I’ve been wanting to write about ROKC (Ramen, Oysters, Kitchen, Cocktails) for more than a year…

I want to get this out of the way because the food and cocktails are truly good. The main reason I’ve hesitated to write about this restaurant is that I get frustrated with the wait to be seated during each visit, and a ruined mood is not great for writing about a place that I otherwise like and frequent.

3452 Broadway
New York, NY 10031

b/t 140th St & 141st St 


Despite the crowds, ROKC has a very laid-back vibe. From my observation, a good chunk of the crowd consists of students, which makes sense as Columbia University and City College are nearby. It is a very intimate space; great for having conversation as the music is not too loud. It has the feel of a speakeasy, except it isn’t hidden behind some gimmick door as many are. The storefront could use a bit better presentation as it can be hard to tell that it’s there, but that’s a small nitpick.


Smoke Bourbon, Ancho Reyes, Cynar, House Bitters
Blue Point Oysters
Spicy Shrimp Curry BunShrimp, Curry, Fried Shallot, Lettuce, Chive, House Spicy Mayo
KyotoSoy Sauce Flavored Chicken and Fish Based Broth Topped with Pork Belly, Garlic Oil, Soft-Boiled Seasoned Egg, Spicy Bamboo Shoot, Scallion
SapporoChicken based broth with House Miso Topped with Chicken Chashu, Corn, Butter, Bean Sprouts, Scallion, Red Pepper, Black Pepper
OkinawaChicken based broth with Okinawa Sea Salt, Yuzu Pepper, Sake Kasu topped with Chicken Chashu, Yuzu Peel, Soft Boiled Seasoned Egg, Asparagas, Scallion

I have a rotation of ramen bowls I enjoy in addition to the delicious shrimp buns. The spicy mayo on said buns really creates the taste, but adding a bit of pepper oil for heat completes the flavor.

My favorite bowls are chicken broth based, but the Kyoto, which trades in chicken chashu for pork belly, has a deeper flavor because of the fat of the cured meat melting into the broth. have to try the Smoke old-fashioned. Delicious!


The staff is very hard-working, and they seem to handle the stress of such a popular nook well. The food never takes a long time, and my glass is always filled with water. I love when I don’t have to ask for refills; it shows a certain kind of attention to detail. I’ve never had an incorrect order, which is rare even at the best restaurants.

My main criticism about ROKC is that it is not large enough for the amount of clientele; couple this with the fact that they don’t take reservations = I feel like they need a second location. I don’t advocate for a larger space because the intimate atmosphere would be lost, but a second location to relieve the wait times would be ideal. Waiting 45 minutes to an hour for a party of two, even during prime time is a bit of madness.

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