Piquant is a place I first visited several years ago when the person I was dating at the time had a friend come to town for her birthday. It has since been a semi-regular brunch spot for me when I brave the journey to Brooklyn on the weekends (a.k.a the 2 or 3 trains are functioning properly).


Piquant, located between Boerum Hill and Prospect Heights, is one of the more laid-back brunch spots I frequent. The clientele is a mixed bag of 20/30 something hipsters, sophisticates and locals giving the spot a great view of the cross-section of young Brooklyn.


Southwestern fare, although I’ve only been there during prime brunch hours. I am mostly familiar with their omelettes and pancakes, which are delicious, but there’s nothing that really sets them apart from other brunch spots with similar food. What I do enjoy are their mimosas and bloody marys, though the quality depends on who the bartender is at the time.


This is a bit of a mixed bag. As one can imagine, brunch is a very busy time, and there is often only one or two waitstaff serving a demanding young New York crowd, and the last time I was there they seemed understaffed behind the bar, so drink refills came at a snails pace, which is never a good sign.

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