For those of you who have already booked an interview for Global Entry but are going an international trip before said interview, consider utilizing the Enrollment on Arrival Program.

I committed a cardinal sin of the international travel lifestyle — I let my Global Entry membership lapse during the pandemic.

Understandable with most travel restricted, but not paying attention to the expiration date created quite a shock for me on two fronts:

  • My TSA Pre-Check benefit (which is included with Global Entry membership) stopped.
  • Not having it on a recent international trip caused me to have to wait in the customs line for almost an hour upon re-entry into the US. Unacceptable.

How Did This Happen?

As everyone knows, COVID-19 put the kibosh on all travel over the last year, and I only recently felt comfortable enough to venture out of the country again. You can read about my Cancun vacation here and foodie things therein here. As I did not have any international trips scheduled before my expiration date, my membership expired without my noticing.

You Don’t Have To Wait Until Your Formal Interview Date To Obtain/Renew Your Membership

The main convenience the EoA program provides is eliminating the need to wait for your formally scheduled interview.

As long as you are conditionally approved and can schedule an interview, you can participate.

Notice that if you try to schedule an interview at any of the largest hubs, the interview schedules are booked 3 to 5 months out.

The Enrollment on Arrival Precondition

The only precondition is that you arrive from an international trip at an airport that supports the program. For example, I arrived in Atlanta (which supports the program) from Mexico. While the office providing the service was closed because of the late hour, the option exists. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do my interview.

What You’ll Need

This information comes directly from the EoA section of the TSA website:

  • A valid passport. If you travel using more than one passport, please bring them all to the interview so that the information can be added to your file. This provides you with the ability to use multiple passports at the Global Entry kiosk.     
  • Documents providing evidence of residency. Examples are: driver’s license (if the address is current), mortgage statement, rental payment statement, utility bill, etc. This is not required for minors.
  • A permanent resident card (if applicable).


  • Put your expiration date in your calendar and find out when you can schedule a meeting. The rule change near the start of the pandemic allows for a 12-month renewal window instead of 6-month, but this could change again
  • Check the operating hours of EoA

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