This is part two of “I should have blogged about this a long time ago”.

My visit to Cape Town, South Africa was one of those times when I caught myself saying that “I could probably have a vacation or second home here”.

It was definitely my favorite part the trip to South Africa. The coastal city reminds me of San Francisco / Oakland a bit where you can be at the sea then on top of a mountain in a relatively short span of time. The city, the AirBnB, Tabletop Mountain, and our wine tasting adventure all contributed to my experience.


A home base can make or break the traveling experience, and I was impressed with the AirBnB in Capetown; it was very modern, and had a much better layout than the one in Johannesburg. It actually enhanced my experience during this leg of the trip a great deal. WiFi was still an issue, but we made it work…somehow. The courtyard in the back was a great feature that I didn’t expect.


Tabletop Mountain is one of the defining features of Cape Town. The views are incredible, and the funicular ride up was pretty thrilling itself – – though I’d rather that than hiking up as some did…Initially we thought there might be trouble with cloud coverage at the summit, which would have halted our excursion (they don’t allow the incline to operate when clouds cover the mountain, but we were fortunate to have a clear-sunny day to explore.


Brightly, colored homes and cobblestone streets define this area of the city; it’s a photographer’s dream. My header image was taken in the area. Fun Fact: I’m not a huge fan of putting myself into my blog header images, but I really liked the photo taken by my friend Gary Bushrod of CatchGifuCan. As the story goes, I was taking a bunch of selfies not wanting to bother the others for a photo (I also don’t usually like full-body pics of myself), but he literally said “gimme the damn phone”, and that was the result.


Any traveling I do is not complete without some kind of vineyard visit or wine tasting. As some of my favorite wine is produced in South Africa, our wine tour was definitely a highlight. We visited three major vineyards: Villiera, Anura, and Seven Sisters with a stop at Le Pommier restaurant for lunch. Each wine tasting was better than the last, although that could have been due to our progressively dulled senses as the day went on.


One of our final activities occurred some distance away from the city in a place called Cape of Good Hope. The Boulders Penguin Colony gave us a chance to see some African Penguins up close, as well as view the pristine beaches they inhabit.


  • Granwell Farao was our guide/driver for a decent chunk of our visit including visiting the vineyards; his customer service was impeccable. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you’re thinking about a trip to Cape Town.
  • The traditional South African Mealie Bread that we had at Le Pommier was delicious.