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Compline Restaurant and Wine Bar

In downtown Napa Valley among the handsome boutique shops and various wine tasting rooms resides the Compline Restaurant and Wine Bar.

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White Oak Kitchen and Cocktails – This particular dinner almost didn’t occur because of the recent Kanye West listening party. The Hyatt Regency across from the restaurant, lousy with his fans, made navigating the street with a car nearly impossible.

I’m proud of our perseverance. White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails is a great place to dine. It has a sophisticated menu and ambience than one might not expect given the location.

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Black Barn Chef's Table

Situated directly across from Madison Square Park and somewhat hidden under unsightly scaffolding is the (thankfully) modern rustic design of restaurant, Black Barn.

Make no mistake: Jean-Georges is not just a fine restaurant, it’s a luxury experience and a clinic in customer service.

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Greenwich Village on a Sunday afternoon. I can’t think of a situation more harrowing given the vast amount of brunch options in an area teeming with the NYU student body.

Enter Il Bambino Panini, a lovely spot I visited on Sunday with a few friends for wine and a charcuterie/cheese plate.

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