Grace Bay Turks and Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a gorgeous Caribbean escape and luxury hotspot with all the trappings that come with such a place. While it is indeed paradise, there are a few things to consider during your travel planning.

Coordinate your transportation ahead of time

One of the biggest surprises that came up during our trip was the lack of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft in the country. Taxi vans are the main source of conveyance if you don’t want to rent a car, but they are pricey — things add up quickly if you have a full itinerary. We ultimately decided to hire a driver on a semi-exclusive basis after we got there, but we should have done this and had an agreement with one before we arrived.

Without proper planning, you will absolutely pay a premium for getting around, which is why…

Cash is king

For certain things like boat rides and MOST vans, it’s either easier or mandatory to pay cash. Vendors accept the American Dollar, so that is convenient, but just prepare yourself and your wallet.

Bring your AMEX but also VISA or MasterCard credit cards

Most restaurants take American Express, but we ran into a few instances where they did not take it, so keep this in mind when you travel there. This won’t affect most people who read this blog and probably have several cards, but keep this in your back pocket when making your plans.

The mosquitos are plentiful

As with most tropical islands, mosquitos are everywhere, but they seem to be in large supply in Turks. That isn’t to say they are always out, but it would be prudent to put on bug repellant lotion before you wander out during the twilight and night hours when they are very active.

Do not skimp on the sunscreen

This should go without saying when you travel to the Caribbean, but sunscreen (preferably waterproof) is your friend in Turks & Caicos. The sun is pretty intense there, so you will tan and probably burn faster. As someone who does not usually burn easily, I was surprised at how quickly it happened to me WITH sunscreen on.

Turks & Caicos travel planning is essential. Don’t fall into the trap of going and figuring everything out as that comes at a cost. If you have these things in place, your enjoyment of this luxury paradise will increase immensely.

Until next time…