Cure is a high-end bar in the Freret section of New Orleans with a terrific ambiance and sophisticated sensibilities.


If I lived in New Orleans, I would be regular at Cure. It’s like a sophisticated New York bar, but the drinks are more affordably priced. It has great lighting, an attractive venue, a full bar, and attractive people (the evening I was there at least.)


They had every kind of liquor under the sun — you can tell just by looking at the header image. Usually I would have whiskey, either Woodford Reserve or Angel’s Envy, but as my cousin’s wife pointed out, I get that all the time and maybe I should get a cocktail since I’m on vacation. She was right. I tried a mezcal cocktail called Maybe Always with Negroni and hints of Anise; needless to say it was quite tasty.

I recommend a visit if you’re ever in New Orleans.