On top of the world! Ministario de la Popa | Cartagena, Colombia

Hey there! Welcome to my page. Not sure how you stumbled onto my corner of Al Gore’s internet, but I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Justin, and I’m a New York City dweller who loves living the good life — give me creature comforts, new tech, luxe travel, culinary delights, fine wine, aged bourbon, and every streaming service known to man and I’m a happy camper. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I work mostly within the non-profit arts world.

New York City Nights at Jimmy SoHo

My thoughts, and thus this blog, surround things like boozy, al fresco brunches on Lake Como, people-watching from a café in Monte Carlo, presidential hotel suites, 8K tvs, mega-yachts and the day when I can easily purchase first-class seats on every flight I take.

I’m a laid-back guy and kind of an introvert, so outwardly aloof, and I’m very much at home doing most things solo or with my significant other.


Justin Curated is a blog that aims to explore elements of a reasonably luxurious life. The goal of this blog is to point out fine-ish dining, upscale-ish travel, 5-star-ish hotels, and other experiences.

For all business inquiries, email jgiles@justincurated.com