Justin Curated aims to explore living a reasonably luxurious life including travel, fine dining, hotels, cultural events, and experiences…or something along those lines.


Justin Giles is a thirty-something New York City dweller who loves living the good life — give him creature comforts, technology, travel, good eating, wine, bourbon, and every streaming service known to man and he’s a happy camper. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he works mostly within the non-profit arts community. He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hampton University, and his master’s degree in social-organizational psychology from Columbia University, Teachers College. His thoughts surround boozy, al fresco brunches, presidential hotel suites, SAMSUNG 4K tvs, mega-yachts and the far off day when he can easily purchase first-class seats on every flight he takes. Look up the definition of “bougie black guy” and you might see his face. Reveling in introversion, he is very much at home doing most things solo.

For all business inquiries, email jgiles@justincurated.com